Information sources of Digital Humanities

Archaeobotanical database CZAD

The Archaeobotanical Database of the Czech Republic provides access to archaeobotanical analyses and primary data on individual pieces of archaeobotanical research in the Czech Republic. Data input was performed from July 2009 to December 2011. Additional data is added on an ongoing basis.

Archaeological map of the Czech Republic

The Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic (AIS CR) is a platform which integrates digital sources in Czech archaeology. Its principal aim is the application of the information system Archaeological Map of the Czech Republic (AMCR) in the practice of archaeological institutions and individuals in the Czech Republic and its expansion and interconnection with other data sources.

Art historical bibliography

A unique card index containing more than 500,000 records of magazine and newspaper articles from the Czech periodicals of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. It incorporates an index of Czech and foreign artists, including records of reproductions of works of art, an index of authors of texts, a topographical index and an index of subject entries.

August Sedláček estate

Largely a collection of manuscripts from the estate of the Czech historian August Sedláček (1843–1926) containing two important card indexes on Bohemia and Moravia (topographical and genealogical) and around 150 notebooks of excerpts from archives and libraries, the historian’s professional correspondence, the genealogy of aristocratic families and additional preparatory material for Sedláček’s academic publications.


The application Babel is a tool for work with the Czech Verse Corpus allowing users to work with all levels of the Czech Verse Corpus using the query language SQL.

Bibliography of bohemical foreign language prints from 1501–1800

Data on approximately 47,000 Bohemical publications has been gathered to date on the basis of research into historical book collections and specialist literature from this country and abroad. Of this number, around 25,000 have been described in detail bibliographically using a de visu method. The remainder represent merely brief records taken from the literature or from catalogues. The database Bibliography of Bohemical Foreign Language Prints from the Years 1501–1800 has been created from existing card indexes and newly described prints.

Bibliography of published texts of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and works on his life and work (1875–1937)

The database records the literary and academic work of T. G. Masaryk in the period 1875–1937.

Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands

Kontinuální program vytváření, zpracování a vyhodnocování komplexní bibliografické databáze bohemikální literatury. Je pokračováním projektu oborové (historické) bibliografie nepřetržitě trvajícího v Českých zemích již od roku 1905.

Bio-bibliographic database of monks in the Czech lands in the Early Modern Age

The database is comprised of two principal modules. The database of principal authorities (biographical database of monks) contains more than 12,000 entries of varying standard and detail following from the informative value of the surviving sources and the progress of research work. The bibliographic part is comprised largely of a catalogue of manuscripts (more than 1,100) focusing on narrative and biographical sources.

Biographical database of Russian emigration in inter-war Czechoslovakia

Russian emigrants who emigrated to Czechoslovakia after 1917 and spent either the rest of their lives or at least part of their lives here are included in the biographical encyclopaedia of Russian emigration.

Card catalogue of lexical archive (1911–1991)

Digitalised excerpt material on the Czech language in the modern age.

Card index of excerpts from Dictionary of Medieval Latin in the Czech lands

The material in the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in the Czech Lands has been excerpted from sources of varying character of Czech provenance from the beginning of literature in the Czech territory up to 1500. Numerous manuscripts and old prints from the holdings of Czech libraries and archives have been excerpted, in addition to printed sources.

Catalogue of broadside ballad sheets of the Institute of Ethnology of the CAS

The database contains a collection of broadside ballad sheets from the 17th century to the end of the 19th century. The collection focuses on printed broadside ballad sheets on religious and spiritual topics. In terms of genre, it primarily contains poems, prayers, worship and epic tales.

Catalogue of old prints of the Institute of Ethnology of the CAS

The database contains a collection of old prints from the beginning of the 16th century to the first half of the 19th century. In terms of topic, the collection focuses primarily on book production in the areas of ethnology, material and spiritual culture, and musical and verbal folklore.

CEJSH – The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

An Internet database of English abstracts and, in part, full-texts with open access presenting the international public with academic essays published largely in national languages in scientific journals focusing on the social sciences and humanities published in Central European countries.

Classical heritage in epigraphic culture of the Czech lands

An epigraphic database of inscriptions inspired by ancient times surviving in the Czech Lands from their beginnings to the present day.

Classical inspiration in fine arts

A database of the artistic culture of the Czech Lands inspired by ancient times from the beginning to the present day.

Collection and documentation funds of the Brno Department of Institute of Ethnology of the CAS – correspondence

This collection of correspondence at the Brno site is an important source on the history of folkloristics and ethnology, not merely in the Czech Lands.

Collection of biographic records of "ordinary people" in the Czech lands from 1850–1950

Several hundred authentic written biographical records and family chronicles (very often with photographs) of “ordinary people” from the years during which civic society was created in the Czech Lands, Slovakia and Sub-Carpathian Ukraine in the years 1850 to 1950 (1960).

Collection of historical photographs of the Institute of Art History of the CAS

This collection, of European importance, contains photography of architecture and interiors (largely chateaux), topographical pictures, portraits, genre images, furnishings and other items from various private and institutional collections from the second half of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century.

Collection of planning documentation of the Institute of Art History of the CAS

A collection of historical maps and plans from the 17th to 20th centuries.

Compilatory research of Czechoslovak Ethnological Society

A photo-documentary collection of prints (mostly 13 × 18 cm) and negatives (mostly 6 × 6 cm) encompassing documentation of pieces of research in the years 1952–1962.

Czech Social Science Data Archive

The Czech Social Science Data Archive of the Institute of Sociology at the Czech Academy of Sciences serves as a national centre providing open access to electronic files of primary data from research projects. This data is designed for further analytical processing and does not consist of final project results.

DAEAV - digital archive and index of archaeological surveys

The Digital Archive and Index of Archaeological Surveys in Moravia and Silesia enables the registration of archaeological surveys and inputting of digital documents.

Database of academics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The database contains biographical data on distinguished scientists working at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

Database of book editions

This database of book editions contains information on book editions, their publishers, editors, etc. with an emphasis on book editions focusing on Czech literature and specialist literary criticism.

Database of classical drama productions

This database of productions of ancient drama is based on the collection of documents over many years and records productions of ancient drama in the Czech Lands from 1889 to the present day. The database provides users with basic information on specific productions, including available photo-documentation and contemporary reviews.

Database of compositions Clavis nigra

An on-line database of polyphonic compositions from Bohemical sources of the 15th and 16th centuries in black mensural notation.

Database of content of liturgical manuscripts LIMUP

A database of the content of liturgical manuscripts of Utraquist provenance of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Database of Czech hymns, Hymnorum Thesaurus Bohemicus

A database of Czech spiritual songs from printed hymn-books of the 16th to 18th centuries.

Database of Czech literary figures

The database contains biographies of around 40,000 figures from literary life in the Czech Lands with an emphasis on the verification of available data in the pertinent sources (registries, archives, surveys, etc.).

Database of Czech meters

The Czech Meters Database provides a metric and strophic description of 1,689 poetry collections (76,699 poems) from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century contained in the Czech Verse Corpus.

Database of manuscripts and bibliography of codicological literature

The database contains descriptions and a bibliography on manuscripts of a non-official nature written up to the year 1800 found in the collections of memory institutions in the Czech Republic. It represents the basic form of the General Catalogue of Manuscripts. A comprehensive approach characteristic of modern codicology was applied in its creation, and the resultant product serves as an academic catalogue. The database of manuscripts and bibliography are interconnected by a system of cross references.

Database of plaques of the Czech Academy of Sciences

This database provides basic information on awards conferred by the Czechoslovak Academy and Sciences and later, up until 1995, by the Czech Academy of Sciences and a list of their holders.

Database of prizes for literature

A database containing an overview of awards, award winners and jurors. It contains literary prizes conferred in the Czech Republic.

Database of sources on the history of natural sciences

A database with an overview of sources on the history of natural sciences housed in archives and a number of other institutions in the Czech Republic, taken from four published volumes of listings of these sources in the series Works in the History of Natural Sciences (vol. 8, 9, 10 and 21, issued in Prague in 1976–1987).

Database of State Assignments

The database makes available information on State Assignments proposed by the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences to which both extra-academic research institutes and ministries and other branch institutions participated.

Dictionary of Czech post-1945 literature

Dictionary of medieval Latin, Latinitatis medii aevi lexicon Bohemorum

Latinitatis medii aevi lexicon Bohemorum is the electronic version of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in the Czech Lands, to date covering letters A–H, i.e. the section covering the first two volumes of the Dictionary published in the years 1977–1992 by the publishing house Academia.

Digital archive of Czech legislation – annual monitoring of status and developments

This digital library provides selected quantitative characteristics (indicators) of the legislative system of the Czech Republic.

Digital archive of popular literature

The archive makes available digitalised copies or partial files of the mass media up to 1945 with a special focus on stories published in instalments and other periodical or semi-periodical editions of popular literature.

Digital collections of the Center of Oral History

Digital collections allowing research workers, pedagogues and students across the academic sphere, including the general public, to share, archive and further use (in accordance with the ethical code) existing oral-historical sources. Interviews acquired within the scope of grant projects of the Centre of Oral History of the Institute of Contemporary History at the Czech Academy of Sciences are primarily stored here.

Digital library of CAS

The Digital Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences is comprised of three parts. It takes in the Archive of Digitalised Documents, Periodicals Currently Published at the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Digital Archive of Web Sources of Units of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Digital photo archive of Masaryk Institute and Archive of the CAS

Contains photographic material from selected personal and institutional holdings and collections of the Masaryk Institute and Archive at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Digitized archive of journals of the Institute of Czech Literature of the CAS

This digitalised archive of journals makes more than 50 titles of Czech literary and cultural journals of the 19th and 20th centuries available on-line.

Digitized list of journals of the Institute of Czech Literature of the CAS

The freely accessible archive of digital copies of scanned Czech literary and cultural journals and the daily press from the 19th century to the present day.

Emanuel Rádl's collections and documentation

The collections and documentation of Emanuel Rádl represent an anthology of material preserved by Dr Josef Navrátil (1904–1980).

Ethnofolk portal into a timeless world

The international project Ethnofolk provides an extensive source of useful information on the cultural legacy of the folk culture of four countries of Central Europe (Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic).


The Euphonometer project makes it possible to calculate the euphonic coefficient of any text.

Folk architecture in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia

A selective database of photographs of folk architecture documenting the development of folk architecture throughout the entire Czech Republic from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Frequency dictionaries of Czech poetry

These frequency dictionaries of Czech poetry contain data on the frequency of words in works of poetry included in the Czech Verse Corpus.

Funds of archival nature of the Institute of Art History of the CAS

Forty funds, primarily the estates of art historians and art history institutes. The inventories of the majority of these are available in printed and electronic form, and their on-line accessibility is planned.

GORAZD: Digital portal of Old Church Slavonic

The objective of the digital portal of Old Church Slavonic, GORAZD, is to make the results of research conducted by Czech Paleoslavists in the field of Old Church Slavonic lexicography accessible to both the Czech and international public in the form of specialized public databases, using modern technologies.

Guide to the funds and collections of the Archives of the CAS

This database contains basic characteristics and descriptions of individual archive funds and collections in the archive of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Gunstick – database of Czech rhymes

The database of Czech rhymes provides access to the results of automatic analysis of rhymes in poetry collections contained in the Czech Verse Corpus and published up to the year 1920 (the database contains more than a million rhyme pairs). The database contains both standard rhyme consonances and, in certain cases, freer consonances.


The application Hex makes it possible to search the Czech Verse Corpus for texts that contain a key word specified by the user or to display all key words found in a set of texts specified by the user.

Interior of a rural house and its transformations in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia

A database of photographs of rural interiors from the collections of the Institute of Ethnology at the Czech Academy of Sciences with an expert description, including photographs of interiors in the border regions of Poland and Austria.

J. P. Cerroni: Scriptores Regni Bohemiae

The electronic version of the key edition of the Dictionary of Writers and Scholars of the Czech Kingdom drawn up at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries by Johann Peter Cerroni.

Jan Patočka's archive

An archive of the manuscripts, incunabula and audio recordings and a detailed bibliography of the work of J. Patočka, including secondary literature.

Large Czech-Russian dictionary

This online dictionary will enable the professional public to take practical advantage of a thus far most extensive and most detailed lexical material on a synchronous comparative Czech-Russian linguistic plane. It will thus become an extremely valuable source of lexicographically structured data, and further reflect historical development of linguistic means and social life and institutions.

Lexical database of South Carpathian dialects

A card index of South Carpathian dialects consisting of approx. 120,000 is currently being converted into an electronic lexical database.

Main catalogue of the collection of photographic documentation of the Institute of Ethnology of the CAS

This collection contains documentation from research conducted by the Institute of Ethnology in the years 1954–2015. It focuses on construction, agriculture, clothing, eating, minorities, social life, social groups, non-European culture and other topics researched by the Institute of Ethnology at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Mayer’s collection of WWI maps

A unique collection of military maps depicting developments on the fronts of World War I.

Musicological bibliographic database

The Musicological Bibliographic Database gathers bibliographic records recording musicological production in the Czech Lands, including foreign publications by Czech musicologists.

Online database of archaeological surveys, IDAV MS

The Internet Database of Archaeological Research in Moravia and Silesia provides access to records on archaeological projects and a card index to the digital archive.

Online dictionary of Czech and Slovak letterpress printers

The electronic version of the Dictionary of Printers in Czechoslovakia from the Oldest Times to 1860 by K. Chyba. Prague 1966–1982.

Phototeque of the Institute of Art History of the CAS

A photographic library specialising in art history, currently containing more than 200,000 negatives, slides and analogue and digital photographs.

Press releases of the Public Opinion Research Centre of the Institute of Sociology of the CAS

The Public Opinion Research Centre at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences conducts ten regular omnibus investigations annually. It acquaints the public with their results primarily by means of press reports (around 15 a month). These reports have been regularly made available in electronic form since 2002. Older reports (since 1946) are provided by the Czech Social Science Data Archive.

Representational archives of the Czechoslovak Ethnological Society

A photo-documentary collection of prints (mostly 13 × 18 cm) and negatives (mostly 6 × 6 cm), with a number of glass negatives (13 × 18 cm), encompassing documentation of pieces of research in the years 1947–1962.

Retrospective Bibliography of Czech Literature of the Institute of Czech Literature of the CAS

This retrospective bibliography of Czech literature contains almost 1.75 million excerpts of articles on literary topics, including prints of literature and translations from more than 530 daily and periodical print titles in Czech and German published in the Czech Lands between 1770 and 1945.

Russian-Czech online dictionary database

In addition to basic vocabulary, this electronic database also provides numerous new words and phrases, and apart from standard vocabulary, also slang, colloquial and non-standard expressions.

Selected documents from the personal fund of Otakar Hostinský, 1847–1910

The personal collection of Professor Otakar Hostinský contains manuscripts of works by Otakar Hostinský, lecture notes, professional correspondence and other materials.

Set of bibliographic databases – Czech Literary Science

The set of bibliographic databases Czech Literary Science in database form records the reflection of Czech literature and literary science in the periodical press, anthologies and monographs published in book form from 1945 to the present day.

Slovenian-Czech dictionary

The Department of Linguistics and Lexicography of the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the CAS, v. v. i. has been working on the dictionary since 2002. It is a medium-size dictionary boasting all the features of a modern translation dictionary and ample exemplification.

The Correspondence of Jan Amos Comenius

A database of the correspondence of J. A. Komenský containing 566 letters from the period 1622 to 1670.

The Correspondence of Philipp Jakob Sachs of Löwenheim (1627–1672)

A database of the correspondence of P. J. Sachs von Löwenheim (1627–1672), member of the Academia naturae curiosorum and editor of the first medical journal Miscellanea curiosa medico-physica.

Traditional craft production and agriculture in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia

A database of photographs documenting traditional craft and agricultural production in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

Ukrainian-Czech dictionary of neologisms

The Ukrainian-Czech dictionary of neologisms provides material for the creation of a modern Ukrainian-Czech dictionary capturing changes that have occurred in the vocabulary of both languages over the last few decades.

VITREA database

The VITREA database contains the results of all chemical analyses on archaeological glass performed in the Czech Republic. To date, the web database contains data supplemented by descriptive information, photographs of analysed artefacts and distribution maps.

Zdeněk Nejedlý fund

The Zdeněk Nejedlý collection is the largest personal collection in the Archive of the Czech Academy of Sciences.