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Classical inspiration in fine arts

Long-term project “Classical inspiration in fine arts” strives to fully document and comprehensively analyze Classical heritage in visual arts of the Czech lands from the beginning to the present day. Such heritage is viewed as a continuous and multi-layered confrontation of the Czech environment with the individual centers from which the Greco-Roman tradition in visual arts spread, and the process of its active appropriation. The outcome of the project will be the processing of the individual phases of the historical process which had a fundamental impact not only for the formation of Czech cultural tradition, but also for the place assumed by Czech lands in the Europe-wide cultural context, of which the Classical tradition was a principal component. The database currently contains most of the monuments inspired by the Classical era and created or commissioned in the Czech lands up to the 16th century. Monuments dating to the 17th and 18th centuries were also processed, and selected 20th century works of art included in the database.

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