Source overview

Bio-bibliographic database of monks in the Czech lands in the Early Modern Age

The database collects personal data on monks and serves as a basis for a thesaurus of biographic sources from which the information is drawn. It follows up on older attempts undertaken by a number of researchers in order to cover the staffing of monastic communities across the entire territory after the Battle of the White Mountain. As a novelty, a list of narrative sources from the monastic environment is being built systematically in the new module. The database is integrated via common dictionaries which make it possible to use biographic entries as information on responsibility in the description of narrative sources, which can in turn be referred to as a source of biographic data. A catalogue of old prints and a book catalogue represent other bibliographic modules, although they play a supportive role only. The biographic segment currently contains 12,010 entries on persons and corporations (orders, houses). The individual entries are of various levels and levels of detail depending on the information value of surviving sources and the progress of research and transcription of the processing team. The database contains comprehensive information on Capuchin monks, Piarists, Merciful Brothers, and Czech Augustinian Hermits. Records on parts of monastic careers, for instance, the term served by a particular person as a prior, form a sizeable category. Complete or virtually complete biographic cards of monks are only compiled for individuals, with historiographers of the orders being added at present. The catalogue of manuscripts currently contains 1,129 entries focused on narrative and biographic sources. Each entry consists of a codicological description proper, identification of the manuscript, description of content and interpretation tools classifying the manuscript in terms of genre, content and authorship.

  • Person responsible for administration of information source:
    Mgr. Kateřina Valentová, Ph.D. (, kateř
  • Current content of information source:
    14,592 biographic/catalogue entries
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    cannot be estimated
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