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Set of bibliographic databases – Czech Literary Science

The Czech Literary Science database set covers articles and essays on Czech literature and literary science from national and foreign periodical journals, daily newspapers, cultural journalism, scholarly press in related disciplines, etc. It captures materials from both periodicals in the narrow sense, and from conference or other proceedings, prefaces/forewords, epilogues and other accompanying texts, including book publications as such: as a secondary bibliography, it in principle captures the complete printed production in the field of the Czech literary studies, most of which goes through the library of the institute. In terms of chronology, it covers the period from 1945 till the present, with a continuous addition of new excerpts from current production in the field, or retrospective filling of older gaps, where applicable. Under a thousand periodical titles were excerpted for the purposes of the database; some 300 are being processed currently. A bibliography of Czech literary exile containing some 10,000 entries was compiled as a separate database.

Author/administrator of source:
Institute of Czech Literature of the CAS, v. v. i.


Type of resource:
bibliographic database

literary science

analytical bibliography, czech literature