Institute of Czech Literature of the CAS, v. v. i.

The Institute was established on June 11, 1947 by the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts. It was incorporated into the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences as of January 1, 1953. The Center for the Study of Czech Theatre (January 1, 1956 – April 30, 1993) was merged with the Institute, and a branch of the Institute was established in Brno (September 1, 1961). As of November 5, 1970, the Institute was transformed into Institute for Czech and World Literature of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. As of September 1, 1993, the current name was adopted in connection its return to the original concept of Czech studies. As of January 1, 2007, the Institute became a public research institution within the meaning of Act No. 341/2005 Coll.

Research activities of the Institute focus on the theory and history of Czech literature from the earliest era to the present, with an emphasis on lexicography of literary science, literary historical study of the full range of Czech literature, and literary theoretical analysis relying in particular on 20th century material. The Institute further serves as an information and consultancy center in the area of literary science information.