Online database of archaeological surveys, IDAV MS

The Internet Database of Archaeological Research in Moravia and Silesia provides access to records on archaeological projects and a card index to the digital archive.

The Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Brno, v. v. i.  has been collating information on archaeological surveys conducted in Moravia and Silesia systematically since 1942. Pursuant to Section 21 (4) of Act No. 20/1987, every authorized archaeological organization is obliged to report the outcome of archaeological surveys to the Institute of Archaeology. Notifications, reports on findings, expert opinions, photographs, plans, maps and legacies are kept in this specialized central archive.

  • Availability of the information source without online access:
    Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Brno, v. v. i.
    Čechyňská 19, Brno 613 00
  • Person in charge of information source management:
    Olga Lečbychová (
  • Current information source content:
    4,528 entries on archaeological projects (surveys)
  • Intended information source content:
    15,000 projects which need to be entered based on older reports on findings. The database of projects is supplemented annually with current data from archaeological surveys carried out in the particular year (approx. a thousand entries per year)
  • Digital objects attached to entries:
  • Format of digital objects:


Online přístup:

Přístupnost: partly online
Typ zdroje: database
Obor: archaeology
Klíčová slova: archaeological research