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Classical heritage in epigraphic culture of the Czech lands

The “Classical heritage in epigraphic culture of the Czech lands” database is the first published online epigraphic database in the Czech Republic providing access to epigraphs inspired by the Classical era and surviving in the Czech lands, from the beginning to the present day. Epigraphs are deemed to mean texts placed on permanent materials, such as stone, metal, burnt clay, bone, ivory, plaster, mosaics, as well as in drawings and paintings, and inscriptions in tapestries and coats of arms. Each epigraph is not only transcribed from the original (if it survived), or from manuscripts and publications, translated into Czech and accompanied with a brief commentary, dates, if possible, and localized precisely. Each entry contains a bibliographic citation and key words. Classical heritage comprises formal (verbal, stylistic, metric, etc.) or contentual (mythological, historical, etc.) references to Classical, in particular Roman, paradigms. Whether such reference is conscious or unconscious is irrelevant.

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