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Bibliography of bohemical foreign language prints from 1501–1800

Data on approximately 47,000 Bohemical publications has been gathered to date on the basis of research into historical book collections and specialist literature from this country and abroad. Of this number, around 25,000 have been described in detail bibliographically using a de visu method. The remainder represent merely brief records taken from the literature or from catalogues. The database Bibliography of Bohemical Foreign Language Prints from the Years 1501–1800 has been created from existing card indexes and newly described prints.

The database is accessible online and permits combined searching by author, title, printer/publisher, year and place of publication. Digitized cards with detailed analytical descriptions and signatures of identified copies are attached to these brief entries. The BFLP database is continuously supplemented with entries on works where no surviving copy is evidenced ("desiderata") and analytical descriptions of publications thus far not captured in the card catalogue of BFLP. Links to digital copies of old prints are added continuously.

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