Source overview

Collection of biographic records of “ordinary people” in the Czech lands from 1850–1950

Several hundred authentic written biographical records and family chronicles (very often with photographs) of “ordinary people” from the years during which civic society was created in the Czech Lands, Slovakia and Sub-Carpathian Ukraine in the years 1850 to 1950 (1960).

The collection was created by a focused collection of day-today, family chronicle and memoire records from the late 20th, early 21st century. The collection process was based on notices published in newspapers and direct self-collection, for instance, in senior communities, specialized societies (Friends of Austria Club), or in interesting middle-class families (the Radimský family). The collection primarily ought to preserve (family and individual) memory, help correct the interpretation of "great" history and national narratives, and serve for research (study) purposes in the teaching of the history of everyday life.

  • Person responsible for administration of information source
    Václava Horčáková, event. Vojtěch Kessler (
  • Current content of information source
    several dozen documents of varying lengths
  • Intended content of information source
    approx. 500 manuscripts (or typescripts)
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