Source overview

Archaeobotanical database CZAD

CZAD provides access to data on individual archaeobotanical research projects in the Czech Republic (author of botanical identification, archaeological dating, location type, number of analyzed seeds/fruits, number of plant taxons found). A uniform system for the coding of plant taxons is a key prerequisite for the aggregation of data from various archaeobotanical facilities. Information on the archaeological location and context of the sample studied is sorted hierarchically (Research-Object-Sample). The database structure also contains information on environmental properties of the individual taxons (e.g., např. Ellenberg indicator values). Osoba odpovědná za správu informačního zdroje:PhDr. Dreslerová Dagmar Ph.D. ( Aktuální obsah informačního zdroje:7 ,700 plant macroremains from 370 sites Zamýšlený obsah informačního zdroje:Natural addition of entries in relation to analysis conducted Záznamy mají připojené digitální objekty:no

  • Person responsible for administration of information source:
    PhDr. Dreslerová Dagmar Ph.D. (
  • Current content of information source:
    7,700 plant macroremains from 370 sites
  • Intended content of information source:
    Natural addition of entries in relation to analysis conducted
  • Availability of the information source without online access:
    Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Prague, v. v. i. Department of the archaeology of landscape and archaeobiology Letenská 4, Prague 1, 118 01
  • Online access: