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Lexical database of South Carpathian dialects

The Institute of Slavonic Studies is currently processing unique dialectical material collected by I. Pankevych and his students. It is in the form of a card index comprising approximately 120,000 entries and intended to serve as a basis for a contemplated dictionary of South Carpathian dialects. The underlying vocabulary was collected in particular on field trips to then Subcarpathian Ruthenia and eastern Slovakia in the 1920-60s, and older dialectological and ethnographic were also excerpted for this purpose. The entire card index was scanned and is currently being converted into an electronic lexical database which will make it possible to search according to various criteria, for instance, grammatical characteristics, context, place of origin of entry, etc.

  • Person responsible for administration of information source:
    Michal Vašíček (
  • Current content of information source:
    approx. 75,000 entries
  • Intended content of information source:
    approx. 120,000 entries
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    Not available in electronic form. Online access to be provided.

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Institute of Slavonic Studies of the CAS, v. v. i.

not in digital form

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dialectology, lexicography, South Carpathian dialects