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Archaeological map of the Czech Republic

The Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic (AIS CR) is a platform which integrates digital sources in Czech archaeology. Its principal aim is the application of the information system Archaeological Map of the Czech Republic (AMCR) in the practice of archaeological institutions and individuals in the Czech Republic and its expansion and interconnection with other data sources. A key role in this process is played by the processing of databases for Moravia and Czech Silesia and their consolidation with existing databases on the Czech territory.

The Archaeological Map of the Czech Republic (AMCR) – The AMCR consolidates basic archaeological infrastructure in the Czech Republic and provides tools for keeping records of field activities, collects metadata on their results, serves as a repository of secondary documentation, and provides the public with data to use. It covers eighty thousand archaeological projects and their associated data.

The Digital Archive of the AMCR – The digital archive is a web application designed for viewing digital documents stored in the AMCR. It replaces the previous applications for the digital archives of the Institute of Archaeology Prague and the Institute of Archaeology Brno. The interface is fully interconnected with the AMCR and makes accessible archived documents, including associated descriptive and spatial data. It provides access to nine thousand digital documents. Following completion of migration and digitalisation, their number will amount to around half a million records.

The Archaeological Atlas of Bohemia – The Archaeological Atlas is an accompanying service for the publication of the same name and expands its content in the virtual environment and presents immovable archaeological sites in the landscape in popular form. It contains information on 106 significant localities.

Archaeological Prague (Map of Archaeological Documentation Points) – Archaeological Prague is a portal that aims to make Prague’s archaeological sources available to experts and the general public alike. The portal makes it possible to visit the Prague beneath Prague and follow in the footsteps of Prague’s past.

Archaeology Online – The portal presents digital information sources associated with knowledge of the past of the Czech landscape and Czech archaeology. The aim of the portal is to offer users a signpost with data that is frequently hard to access that will provide the user with an orientation in the existing infrastructures, record systems, tools and portals.

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    Mgr. David Novák ( Mgr. Zdenka Kosarová (
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    The project’s ambition is to cover complete field activity in Bohemian and Moravian archaeology
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    pdf/A-2b, tiff, jpeg
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