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Card index of excerpts from Dictionary of Medieval Latin in the Czech lands

The material in the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in the Czech Lands has been excerpted from sources of varying character of Czech provenance from the beginning of literature in the Czech territory up to 1500. Numerous manuscripts and old prints from the holdings of Czech libraries and archives have been excerpted, in addition to printed sources.

Compared to similar foreign undertakings, the Dictionary contains excerpts not only from printed sources but also from numerous manuscripts and old prints stocked by both national and foreign libraries; it does provides access to a great lexical wealth that would otherwise remain hidden in unpublished works. Of particular value for learning about the world of medieval ideas is evidence in the form tractates, municipal books, and numerous Czech and German equivalents from glossaries. The card index thus offers a comprehensive and sufficiently informative picture of the width and diversity of means of expression employed in Latin writing of the Czech Middle Ages.

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