Source overview

GORAZD: Digital portal of Old Church Slavonic

The objective of the digital portal of Old Church Slavonic, GORAZD, is to make the results of research conducted by Czech Paleoslavists in the field of Old Church Slavonic lexicography accessible to both the Czech and international public in the form of specialized public databases, using modern technologies. The objective will be attained using software tools for retro-conversion of special monolingual dictionaries from printed to digital form, and, further, by the digitization of a world-unique Old Church Slavonic card index, which had served as a basis for a 4-volume Dictionary of the Old Church Slavonic Language in the second half of the 20th century. The content of the specialized public databases will be based on lexicographic material compiled at the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the CAS, v. v. i., for the following works: Dictionary of the Old Church Slavonic Language, Dictionary of the Oldest Old Church Slavonic Texts and Greek-Old Church Slavonic Index. Data will be permanently preserved in digital form as a result, and modern software tools will make it possible to expand, supplement and innovate the content of the databases, and to keep abreast of scientific knowledge.

  • Person responsible for administration of information source:
    Štefan Pilát (
  • Intended content of information source:
    30,000 - 60,000 dictionary entries; approx 1,000,000 digitized cards from Old Church Slavonic Card Index
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  • Availability of the information source without online access:
    online access to be provided by the end of 2020