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Database of Czech hymns, Hymnorum Thesaurus Bohemicus

The database covers all the printed hymn book production from the beginning (the first print in 1501) till the late 18th century. The content of every hymn book is described in detail in the database. The database was created by the conversion of catalogue cards of the original hymn catalogue of Antonín Škarka, acquired as part of his estate by the Music Science Institute of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. Each hymn entry consists of the following items: Incipit (textual), Source, Title – designation (in the source), Melody, Theme – section of the hymn book, Number of stanzas, Strophic form, Acrostic, Original – translation – arrangement, Author – translator – arranger. Škarka’s original “Source” field was further subdivided, as it contained both information on the source – i.e., the hymn book and year of publication, as well as the page on which the particular hymn was printed. Search can be conducted by textual incipits of the hymns, or the full sources (hymn books) can be searched.

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    Jiří Žůrek (
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    21,227 catalogue entries
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Institute of Philosophy of the CAS, v. v. i.


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musicology, literary science

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