DAEAV – digital archive and index of archaeological surveys

The Digital Archive and Index of Archaeological Surveys in Moravia and Silesia enables the registration of archaeological surveys and inputting of digital documents.

The digital archive and index of archaeological research contains a digital archive (survey reports, reports on finds, expert opinions, photographs, maps and plans), a map module, educational module, internal messaging system, diary of events and event management for the individual authorized organizations. Registered surveys are linked to the relevant documents deposited in the digital archive and to the map module. The solution includes a module for the education of archaeology students.

  • Availability of the information source without online access:
    Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Brno, v. v. i.
    Čechyňská 19, 613 00 Brno
  • Person in charge of information source management:
    Olga Lečbychová (lecbychova@arub.cz)
  • Current information source content:
    14,662 documents in the depository of digital archive
  • Intended information source content:
    150,000 photographs for digitization and subsequent addition to the digital archive
  • Digital objects attached to entries:
  • Format of digital objects:

Online přístup: http://www.arub.smartgis.cz/page/0/?nop

Autor/správce zdroje: Institute of Archaeology of the CAS, Brno, v. v. i.
Přístupnost: online
Typ zdroje: digital archive
Obor: archaeology
Klíčová slova: archaeological research