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Database of manuscripts and bibliography of codicological literature

The database is based on two mutually integrated bases – a database of manuscripts and a bibliographic database of codicological literature which comprises works dedicated to manuscripts. Over 850 manuscripts, in various stages of processing, are currently entered in the database – from a basic entry to a detailed comprehensive description. The database of bibliography of codicological literature provides access to over 8,500 book and periodical bibliographic entries. The data comes from both bibliographic information on individual manuscripts in printed catalogues, and older bibliographic supplements printed in Studies on Manuscripts.

  • Person responsible for administration of information source:
    Martina Hrdinová (
  • Current content of information source:
    850 manuscripts and 8,500 bibliographic entries
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Author/administrator of source:
Masaryk Institute and Archives of the CAS, v. v. i.


Type of resource:
bibliographic database

bibliology, codicology

codicological literature, manuscripts