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The Correspondence of Jan Amos Comenius

A database of the correspondence of J. A. Komenský containing 566 letters from the period 1622 to 1670.

The database is published online in English as part of the EMLO database. The catalogue of correspondence of Jan Amos Comenius contains 566 letters – entires, of which 436 are items sent and 120 items received between 1622 and 1670. Each entry contains information on the date, sender, addressee, persons mentioned, place of dispatch and address, followed by a brief abstract, incipit and explicit of the letter and information on the deposit of the original, other manifestations, editions, and other comments where applicable. Scans of originals, as well as other manifestations and editions not protected by copyrights are also attached. Aktuální obsah informačního zdroje:566 Záznamy mají připojené digitální objekty:yes Formát digitálních objektů:jpg

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