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August Sedláček estate

Largely a collection of manuscripts from the estate of the Czech historian August Sedláček (1843–1926) containing two important card indexes on Bohemia and Moravia (topographical and genealogical) and around 150 notebooks of excerpts from archives and libraries, the historian’s professional correspondence, the genealogy of aristocratic families and additional preparatory material for Sedláček’s academic publications.

The database comprises two card catalogues - topographic and genealogical - created by the Czech historian August Sedláček (1843–1926). Both card catalogues, which together contain over 400,000, are kept at the Institute of History of the CAS. The database contains historical data on individual aristocratic families and locations in Bohemia and Moravia, based on the study of archival and library resources, mainly in Czech and Moravian archives. The notes within entries are primarily arranged in chronological order. The individual cards contain information of varying quality and quantity. The information was transcribed and itemized in the database so as to permit searching by simple words, names, places, dates and types of events covered by the records. In addition to a structured record of card content, the database always contains also a digital (scanned) image of each card.

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    Eva Doležalová (
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    approx. 400,000 records (catalogue cards)
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    approx. 500,000 images
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    Institute of History of the CAS, v. v. i. Prosecká 76 190 00 Praha 9

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Institute of History of the CAS, v. v. i.

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Bohemia, genealogy, historical sources, historical topography, Moravia