VITREA database

The VITREA database contains the results of all chemical analyses on archaeological glass performed in the Czech Republic. To date, the web database contains data supplemented by descriptive information, photographs of analysed artefacts and distribution maps.

Archeological data includes detailed information on glass objects analyzed and the spatial and chronological context of each find. The web client makes it possible to select finds according to number of the sample, list of sites and map. The list of sites can be sorted by various fields in the database, making further work possible in a simple manner. The database includes photographic documentation and chemical data showing complete results of analyses in the form of a standard table of oxide or element values measured. The type of analysis, author and date of measurement, as well as the institution where it took place, are also indicated. The database includes bibliographic data. It contains literature pertaining to the site or find, and links to results of analyses published. Geographic data is relevant for the study of spatial context.

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    PhDr. Natalie Venclová, DrSc. (
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    Data from analyses added continuously
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Klíčová slova: archaeological research, archaeology of glass, archeologické výzkumy, archeologie skla, elemental analysis, přírodovědné analýzy, prvkový rozbor, scientific analysis, style analysis, stylové analýzy