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Digital library of CAS

The archive of digitized documents contains periodicals and monographs produced by the Czech Academy of Sciences and its predecessors starting from the 19th century. All full texts can be accessed in the study room of the Library of the CAS. Some articles are freely accessible online. A section of the archive, “Periodicals currently published by the CAS”, contains a selection of articles from periodicals published by institutes of the CAS and other science institutions. Full texts are accessible in the study room of the Library of the CAS, some also online. Full texts can also be ordered via the MVS service. The digital archive of web resources of CAS institutes archives and provides access to data published on the webpages of the individual institutes. The digital archive is a part of the library repository of the Library of the CAS.

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    Ivana Šlapáková (
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    2,727,591 pages
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Library of the CAS, v. v. i.


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digital library


Academy of Sciences, full texts