Library of the CAS, v. v. i.

The Library of the CAS was established at the Czech Academy of Sciences as of January 1, 1953. It took over the historical collections of the Royal Czech Society of Science (founded in 1784), Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts (founded in 1890) and Masaryk Academy of Work (founded in 1920), and those became the basis of its collection. It is thus the third oldest Czech science library. As of January 1, 2007, the Library of the CAS became a public research institution within the meaning of Act No. 341/2005 Coll.

The library acquires and processes scientific literature and makes it accessible to users, in both traditional and electronic forms, provides search services using both domestic and international sources, and protects and processes historical and rare prints. Its scientific activities focus on the history of Czech letterpress printing and libraries, heuristics of sources for a national bibliography of foreign language Bohemical prints from 1501–1800, and the development of automated library systems and digital libraries.

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