Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands

Kontinuální program vytváření, zpracování a vyhodnocování komplexní bibliografické databáze bohemikální literatury. Je pokračováním projektu oborové (historické) bibliografie nepřetržitě trvajícího v Českých zemích již od roku 1905.

Biographical database of Russian emigration in inter-war Czechoslovakia

Russian emigrants who emigrated to Czechoslovakia after 1917 and spent either the rest of their lives or at least part of their lives here are included in the biographical encyclopaedia of Russian emigration.

Ukrainian-Czech dictionary of neologisms

The Ukrainian-Czech dictionary of neologisms provides material for the creation of a modern Ukrainian-Czech dictionary capturing changes that have occurred in the vocabulary of both languages over the last few decades.

Large Czech-Russian dictionary

This online dictionary will enable the professional public to take practical advantage of a thus far most extensive and most detailed lexical material on a synchronous comparative Czech-Russian linguistic plane. It will thus become an extremely valuable source of lexicographically structured data, and further reflect historical development of linguistic means and social life and institutions.

Slovenian-Czech dictionary

The Department of Linguistics and Lexicography of the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the CAS, v. v. i. has been working on the dictionary since 2002. It is a medium-size dictionary boasting all the features of a modern translation dictionary and ample exemplification.

Russian-Czech online dictionary database

In addition to basic vocabulary, this electronic database also provides numerous new words and phrases, and apart from standard vocabulary, also slang, colloquial and non-standard expressions.

Lexical database of South Carpathian dialects

A card index of South Carpathian dialects consisting of approx. 120,000 is currently being converted into an electronic lexical database.

GORAZD: Digital portal of Old Church Slavonic

The objective of the digital portal of Old Church Slavonic, GORAZD, is to make the results of research conducted by Czech Paleoslavists in the field of Old Church Slavonic lexicography accessible to both the Czech and international public in the form of specialized public databases, using modern technologies.

Phototeque of the Institute of Art History of the CAS

A photographic library specialising in art history, currently containing more than 200,000 negatives, slides and analogue and digital photographs.

Selected documents from the personal fund of Otakar Hostinský, 1847–1910

The personal collection of Professor Otakar Hostinský contains manuscripts of works by Otakar Hostinský, lecture notes, professional correspondence and other materials.